Social Media Marketing

The main goal and purpose to conduct SMM is to get the high-quality turnkey support of your business page in FB and Instagram, according to the approved content plan, and launch lead generation.
What will be the results of Dedicated SMM experts team:
High quality Social media marketing results in building long-term relationship with your target audience based on constant communication, sharing information, reviews, news and proven useful points for your clients.
Complex SMM approach consists of:
  • a comprehensive analysis of your business existing social media channels;
  • a comprehensive audit of all your business advertising campaigns in social media channels;
  • analyzing the activity of competitors in their SMM channels;
  • compiling the SMM strategy;
  • conducting lead generation marketing campaigns;
  • cultivating loyalty and strengthening reputation among the target audience;
  • collecting a customer base for further introduction of remarketing;
  • launching look-a-like campaigns.
Why does the company needs SMM?
Social media marketing is a routine process in the result of which you have to arouse the interest among your target audience. Ideally, your SMM should balance between informational content and commercial appeal (besides, an advantage in this battle should be given to the useful and conversive information component).

The traffic conversion rate and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in social networks depends on several factors – the correctness of choice of the target audience, the topicality of thematic accents in the content plan of the community and correctness and justifiability of tools and methods of promotion on social planforms.

Successful strategy of groups’ promotion in the social networks should be seamlessly blended in the general thought through marketing strategy of your company.
Valerie Kuzmenko
Founder ScaleLabTech