Business and marketing strategy

The connection of strategy with the actions of the team on the whole structure of the company, transparent effective management, achievement of goals. You are constantly fighting fires and working in go-go mode, and there is no time left for the strategic development of the company. You do not understand how to get out of operational management and start growing.Our expertise will help to build system management and achieve the set goals.
Areas of expertise:
  • Building links between business processes and business strategy;
  • Development and implementation of a tactical plan;
  • Development of a measurement and control system;
  • Building and implementing business processes;
  • Cascading goals to the level of performers.

No resources to attract Senior experts for business development? Need help to create a strategy and implement changes? Need a nishe expertise in management functions (COO, CMO, CBDO, HRD, etc.)?
Our team will help you solve acute management issues.
Areas of expertise:
  • Business strategy and business modulation;
  • Marketing strategy;
  • Digital strategy and implementation;
  • Sales department management.
This is how we can help you in details:
  • market analysis, defining business opportunities;
  • competitors and market researches;
  • development of marketing and sales strategy;
  • development of road map, budget, risks analysis;
  • action priority plan;
  • outbound sales launch;
  • increase of sales funnel effectiveness, sales cycle length reduction;
  • development of value proposition;
  • creation of value blueprint (value chain formation and delivery to clients);
  • Ideal Customer profile.

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