Strategizing enables constant reconciliation:

How the company’s goals are accepted and linked to the team and how the company is moving in the planned direction.
Strategy culture and clarity:
  • internal clarity of the management and team of the company about the current situation and in what direction and by what methods it is important to move with the team;
  • consistent management of the strategizing cycle, which leads to the achievement of the goals of the company and its employees;
  • increasing the adaptability of the system to changes.
Stitched team:
  • increasing the level of responsibility and involvement – team members feel the importance and meaning of what is planned;
  • they are ready to take responsibility and be part of the created plan.
Increasing the level of execution of command agreements
Development of the Strategist skills of the team members.
  • improvement of relations in the company;
  • increasing the level of trust and openness in teams;
  • openness to conflicts and differences of opinion;
  • development by the team of new productive ways of communication and resolving controversial issues.

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