Strategizing enables constant reconciliation:

How the company’s goals are accepted and linked to the team and how the company is moving in the planned direction.
Strategy culture and clarity:
  • internal clarity of the management and team of the company about the current situation and in what direction and by what methods it is important to move with the team;
  • consistent management of the strategizing cycle, which leads to the achievement of the goals of the company and its employees;
  • increasing the adaptability of the system to changes.
Stitched team:
  • increasing the level of responsibility and involvement – team members feel the importance and meaning of what is planned;
  • they are ready to take responsibility and be part of the created plan.
Increasing the level of execution of command agreements
Development of the Strategist skills of the team members.
  • improvement of relations in the company;
  • increasing the level of trust and openness in teams;
  • openness to conflicts and differences of opinion;
  • development by the team of new productive ways of communication and resolving controversial issues.

Valerie Kuzmenko
Founder ScaleLabTech

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    Business and marketing strategy 

    Business and marketing strategy 

    Our full-service ScaleLabTech digital marketing strategists can help your

    company generate more leads and expand your customer base.


    The connection of strategy with the actions of the team on the whole structure of the company, transparent effective management, achievement of goals.


    You are constantly fighting fires and working in go-go mode, and there is no time left for the strategic development of the company. You do not understand how to get out of operational management and start growing.Our expertise will help to build system management and achieve the set goals.


    Areas of expertise:

    – Building links between business processes and business strategy

    – Development and implementation of a tactical plan

    – Development of a measurement and control system

    – Building and implementing business processes

    – Cascading goals to the level of performers


    No resources to attract Senior experts for business development? Need help to create a strategy and implement changes? Need a nishe expertise in management functions (COO, CMO, CBDO, HRD, etc.) ? Our team will help you solve acute management issues.


    Areas of expertise:

    – Business strategy and business modulation

    – Marketing strategy

    – Digital strategy and implementation

    – Sales department management

    – Operational Business Management

    – HR function management