Web development

We have been developing projects of varying complexity and in various industries. We have extensive experience in the development of online stores, corporate projects such as CRM, internal educational platforms, news portals and company presentation sites.

In project development, we use the flexible Agile methodology. For us, client and project business goals are very important, so we are focused on the most productive delivery. The ScaleLabTech team provides a full cycle of web development, support and upgrade of the project.
We have been running Ecommerce projects for years. During this time, we have deeply studied the basic principles of building profitable projects.

Our expertise allows us to develop absolutely unique features for any of your requests. Also, our arsenal is full of solutions that could speed up the development process and launch the project sooner.
Business websites
It’s impossible to imagine a company without a website nowadays. One of the most significant factors of forming an opinion about a brand is not only presence of a website but also its quality. When customers compare you to competitors, there should be no doubts about your company’s leadership in the market. We update old websites and create new ones that strengthen your position and make your company stand out among competitors.
Corporate websites
A corporate site is needed for delivering proper information about a company, its services, and products. This site type allows to advance the image and recognition of a brand and improve contact between users and a company.

A website becomes the only company’s image on the internet. So our team understands all that needs and have a great experience in developing such websites.
Custom products
We have extensive experience working with projects of different scale and complexity, such as the development of a platform for educational webinars, crm for large teams and various startups. Our team knows how to write the technical requirements and development process to get a working MVP and then create a profitable web product.
Support & Upgrade
Often, complex and large-scale projects require constant support, refinement and improvement of functionality in order to achieve their business goals. We really appreciate long-term relationships with clients, so we predict further upgrade and project scale.

Our team is not used to blindly doing everything that the client asks for. We value the partnership type of relationship when the client appreciates our experience, expertise and listens to the arguments about the need to introduce any changes.

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