How strategic sessions work:

The proccess of strategizing consists of the following steps:
  • Basic interview
  • Composing the algorithms of work
  • Deep interview with the company leaders
  • Strategic session design
  • Agreement on design and session scenario
  • Strategic session
  • Session follow up with the rithm of strategizing
  • Supportive meetings.
1 step – Diagnostics:
  • Our strategist conducts in-depth interviews with the leader and top managers, preparatory interviews with the main key players who will take part in the strategy session.
  • Meeting with the customer, a detailed discussion of the ideal desired result.
  • Relationship design.
2 step – Design of the session:
  • The work of the methodologist based on the interview.
  • Create objectives and goals for the first strategic session.
  • Coordination and approval of the session design with the customer.
3 step – Development of the future strategic session:
  • Preparation and filling of the session program together with the customer.
4 step – Conduction of the session:
  • Holding the first big two-day session.
5 step – Debrief and mentorship:
  • feedback and strategic recommendations based on the results of the session.
  • creating and agreeing on the rhythm and themes of the next sessions, strategic circles
  • a plan for creating an initiative stratum support team.

It can also include:
  • brainstorming;
  • working with a team;
  • assistance in the formation;
  • implementation of a strategy for working with clients;
  • assistance with setting goals;
  • debugging processes.

Valerie Kuzmenko
Founder ScaleLabTech