Digital behavior targeting

The main goal and purpose to fit a specific personal offer and USP to the most segmented and narrowly targeted target audience, for maximum involvement in communication with the brand with its product / service.
What will be the results of Dedicated DBT experts team:
High quality Digital behavior targeting based on Big Data results in maximum involvement of narrow target audience segments in the brand’s product/service.

These advertising campaigns will be maximally adjusted to the needs of the segment to which we are targeting, as a result of which an already heated target audience will go to the website, which is aware of its needs and how your product / service will address these needs.
Complex DBT approach consists of:
  • a comprehensive analysis of your business through existing online channels;
  • analyzing the information about your product/service;
  • analyzing the information about the target audience;
  • conducting deep interviews of your sales managers;
  • conducting deep interviews of your target audience;
  • segmentation of your target audience according to various behavioral parameters worked out as a result of deep interviews;
  • generating several types of various marketing hypotheses for marketing campaigns for each target audience segment;
  • working out wide range of creatives and landing pages for each segment of target audience for A/B testing marketing campaigns;
  • conducting lead generation A/B marketing campaigns for each target audience segment;
  • analyzing the results of marketing campaigns conducted and calculating conversion rate of each creative hypothesis;
  • collecting a customer base for further introduction of remarketing campaigns through other channels of digital marketing;
  • launching look-a-like campaigns.
Who can we target through DBT channel?
  • Decision-makers and people influencing decision-makers;
  • Clients who are at your location / any other locations or EVEN in locations of your direct competitors
  • Your target audience for specific locations, your target B2B companies to warm up your target audience before your Salesman comes to talk.
  • Conferences / offline events of your target audience with a subsequent delayed display for your target audience who left the place already.
  • Promo video of yours on SMART TV of your target audience even when they are at home.
Why does the company need DBT?
DBT will be the vital part of your complex marketing strategy as it gives your business the possibility to gain completely new audience which even belongs to your direct competitor and to widen it greatly.

For example, people who stay in the offline locations of competitors, we can select the target audience we need. After unobtrusively offer your services, understanding the target audience wants, requests and needs.

And the offer will mostly get their attention as the one which suits them the best.
Valerie Kuzmenko
Founder ScaleLabTech