Search Engine Marketing

The main goal and purpose to get targeted paid traffic from search engines (mostly Google) with pay per click or pay per motion for search queries or banner/video creatives.
What will be the results of Dedicated SEM experts team:
High quality Search Engine Marketing results in the contextual advertising in the search which has high conversion rate. The achieve your goals we work out optimal structure and qualitative account settings, optimally allocate the budget, tack the bet among the interested locations at the auction and by every next view to achieve maximum effectiveness by permanently widening the lists of the negative words.
Complex SEM approach consists of:
  • setting up branded companies for clients who are already loyal to you;
  • setting up search companies for key queries that are relevant for your business;
  • collecting customer bases that have already been on your site and came from various tools;
  • implementation of remarketing campaigns for repeated visits to the website;
  • conducting lead generation marketing campaigns;
  • monitoring the conversion rate of the SEM traffic;
  • making all the necessary changes into marketing campaigns settings to achieve the best ROMI business KPI.
Why does the company needs SEM?
  • for quick widening the target audience’s coverage;
  • for quick increase of lead generation process;
  • for raising the brand awareness among the target audience of the competitors;
  • for quick increase of the traffic.

Successful Search Engine Marketing must be seamlessly blended in the general thought through marketing strategy of your company.
Valerie Kuzmenko
Founder ScaleLabTech